Shalane Boys    

CH Shalane Fly By Knight "Hawk"

CH Shalane Stranger's In the Knight "Frankie"
Co-Owned with Julie Cain

Can CH Shalane Dresden At Oaksill "Dresden"
Co-Owned with LeeAnne Kiefer, Oaksill Labradors

CH Davaris Shalane Hawkeye "Hawkeye"

           All breedings are guaranteed to produce a litter. A litter shall be considered a litter, if at least two live (2) puppies are whelped.
           The stud fee is payable at the time of the breeding. If the bitch fails to produce a litter, a rebreed will be given. If the original stud is no longer available for service, the bitch owner may choose any other stud dog, owned by Shalane Labradors. If the original bitch is no longer available to fulfill the breeding, another bitch may be substituted. There will be no refunds of stud fees.   Bitch owner is responsible for sending extender and shipping boxes to me for their breeding.  A professional collection is sent , at the bitch owners expense, progesterone testing is expected.
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